Shovell | Biography

Although Shovell (born Andrew Lovell) started his professional music career with 'Natural Life' a band from south east London, who were signed by 'Hollywood Records' in 1990, Shovell is probably best known as band member and percussionist in multi-platinum album selling band 'M People'. Shovell joined M People in 1992 and had many great experiences while touring round the worlds biggest arenas. M People have sold over 11 million albums, and in so doing have won many awards and accolades along the way, including a Mercury Prize, an Ivor Novello and two Brit Awards. Being part of this whole experience allowed Shovell to shape his art- and indeed himself - to the optimum. Due to this, Shovell has performed/recorded with many acts as diverse as 'Hearsay' and 'Atomic Kitten' to 'The Manic Street Preachers' and 'Primal Scream' there has also been 'Soul II Soul', 'Nightmares On Wax', 'Boy George', 'Chicane', 'Sting', 'The Chemical Brothers' and many others. Shovell has now become the premier percussionist in the world of dance music.

Not only can he be seen playing his percussion alongside the worlds best DJs in the worlds biggest clubs, but it is all done in the guise of his alto ego 'The Drum Warrior' which sees Shovell wearing the most vibrant tribal clothes and face paint. Shovell believes that this tribal aspect allows his performance to tap into the mystic power and spirit of the drums, a real special sight to see and hear. In addition to this Shovell has released many dance floor favourites such as 'Bulo', 'One Drum' and 'Warrior Dance Yema-Ya' to name a few. Not only is Shovell a great musician, but his skills also delved into the world of TV and drama. Shovell has guested on many TV shows and has also presented a few as well , such as BBC’s 'Record Breakers' along side 'Fearn Cotton', '45 Minutes' a football based programme along side 'Lisa Rogers' and 'The Mix' a music show for ITV2. Shovell has also trained in drama at 'The Albany Theatre' in Deptford S.E London and also at 'The Webber Douglas Academy For Drama' in west London.

Shovell also puts massive importance in using drums/music - indeed any creativity - as a door way for a more positive life for people from all walks of life and all ages. This sees Shovell taking his drum workshops into schools, colleges, homeless centres, addiction centres, corporate offices and council run schemes where he links the art of music into inspiring every day life. This is not just a whimsical idea, Shovell himself was asked to leave school at fifteen, became a plumber for nine years in south east London and thought his dream of a life in music would never happen. His experiences in this journey Shovell uses as the backbone of his workshops.