This website is run by a fan using the platform Squarespace.

As a fan, I personally do not collect information from visitors, however, Squarespace does. More information about their policies can be found at:

I do use the Squarespace Analytics to see general statistics about site visitors. What I can see from this is summarised at:

I use Website Toolbox to run the forum. It allows visitors  to sign up in order to enter posts, including using a Facebook Profile. As the only administrator of the forum, I can view all data that is entered on an individual profile. Please note that this includes the e-mail address and the IP address with its general location. All data is stored on the Website Toolbox. I do have the ability to use Website Toolbox to send an email to all members of the forum. I may choose to do this when a big announcement is made, for example, new music or a tour. 

The adverts that appear on the forum are associated with the host site Website Toolbox. Their privacy policy can be viewed at:

I personally will never share any data that I have access to with any other company, e.g. your email address. I may share the general data generated through Squarespace Analytics if appropriate, for example, number of visitors to the website. This would never include personal contact details.

If you request any further information, please contact Graham Lawrence at