Heather's New Solo Project


Both the official Heather Small and the M People & Heather Small websites have confirmed that Heather will be releasing a new single and album this summer.

RELEASE DATE: 17th July 2006                   

NEW ALBUM: Close To A Miracle
RELEASE DATE: 24th July 2006

Heather's solo single 'Proud' has certainly been around for a long time now and has been used in many events such as the Olympic 2012 London bid. Recently Heather appeared in the US on the Oprah Winfrey show where the song was used for a feature on the show. The song has also previously been used in the US version of the TV series 'Queer as folk' and is now set to be offically released as a single there. This is due to Proud being featured on the soundtrack for the new movie 'Akeelah & The Bee'.


Heather On Oprah!

Heather & Oprah.jpg

I'm back!! Due to internet connection problems I was unable to update this site since October. Here is a round up of what's happened in M People and Heather Small land since then.

M People completed the 'Another Night In Heaven Tour', photos of which can be seen on this site. Mike Pickering did not tour with the band, but Heather, Shovell and Paul put on a fab show.

Heather won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2005 Urban Music Awards.

Heather performed in the USA on Oprah!!! Heather has just showcased her music in the USA and is looking to sign a record deal there. The main fansite has also stated that Heather is set to release a solo single in June this year!