What The Judge's Said - Round 7

From the BBC Strictly site:
It's week seven, and we're halfway through this year's Strictly Come Dancing. But which couple will be saying farewell to the dancefloor this weekend? 

Austin and Erin were the first to dance, performing a fast-paced Quickstep. Len thought that Austin was just "perfection" in his routine, Bruno said "Austin the majestic delivers another bravura performance", Craig thought "it was light, it was bright, it was clean... I loved it." And finally Arlene thought his performance was "as exciting as Lewis Hamilton in the Formula 1". In fact, Len liked Austin's performance so much he awarded the ex-Rugby player the first 10 of the whole series. 
Score: Craig 8, Arlene 9, Len 10, Bruno 9. Total 36. 

Up next were Heather and Brian, Cha Cha Cha-ing their way across the floor to American Boy by Estelle - quite an apt choice of song considering Brian's home country. However Bruno thought "it lacked so much bite it was like a Cha Cha Cha with dentures." Craig said "you need to raise your game-plan. Some hip movements went amiss, but you did have some good moments as well." Arlene thought it was "sluggish and behind the beat - a damp squid rather than taking off like a rocket." And finally Len thought it was "bright and sparkly, but you get over-excited and made a mistake early on." 
Score: Craig 5, Arlene 5, Len 7, Bruno 6. Total 23. 

Jodie and Ian were next, performing a Waltz to Sandy's Song by Dolly Parton. They were hoping to convey the same kind of romance as Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. Craig said "you've just proved you're much better when Ian's leading you around. It was absolutely beautiful, but a bit too saccharine for me." Arlene said "you charmed me, you charmed Mr Darcy here, and I hope you charm all the viewers at home." For Len, the only problem was the footwork - "get that character for each dance, this character was perfect." Bruno said "it was soft, it was elegant, you were at ease with the dance." 
Score: Craig 7, Arlene 8, Len 8, Bruno 8. Total 31. 

A knee injury had plagued Andrew and Ola's rehearsals for their Samba to Jennifer Lopez's song Aint it Funny. Arlene felt that Andrew "was in the frozen food aisle - you've got to get out into exotic food. Release the beast in you!" Len believed that instead of "Andrew Castle, you've got to be a Bouncy Castle! All in all, it was quite a good job." Bruno told Andrew that his Samba was a "Brazillian Grand Flop" rather than a Grand Prix. And finally Craig claimed it was all taut and tense and that it "went downhill after the opening" 
Score: Craig 4, Arlene 5, Len 7, Bruno 5. Total 21. 

Lisa and Brendan performed a Tango to the lively latin tune La Cumparsita. Len thought "that was a proper Tango. You came out, didn't mess about, got on with it. It was superb." "A Tango of classic purity and beauty," thought Bruno - "truly irresistible." "Welcome back into the competition. That was fantastic," said Craig. Arlene praised Lisa for following up on her correction to improve her spine last week. 
Score: Craig 8, Arlene 9, Len 9, Bruno 9. Total 35. 

Cherie and James strutted their stuff with a Salsa to Gloria Estefan's Oye Mi Canto. Bruno kicked off the judges' comments, saying "the dress was red hot, but the Salsa was not. You lacked fluidity." Craig agreed with Bruno, saying it was "a bit too careful and placed." Arlene said "it was exasperatingly underpowered - it wasn't sexy or sassy or naughty, all things I'm sure you can be." "You had another dance tonight that didn't suit your character," said Len. 
Score: Craig 6, Arlene 6, Len 7, Bruno 7. Total 26. 

John and Kristina had to perform a sophisticated Foxtrot, to the legendary tune I Want To Be Loved By You. Craig was first to pass judgement, saying "there was a gap you could drive a tank through between you - you've got to have some body contact at some point." Arelene "loved the end when you got into a trot". But Len was especially critical: "this isn't Help the Aged. I'm very impressed with your sparkly dicky bow, but that's about it!" And Bruno claimed that "it's the old fox running out of tricks. She [Kristina] covers for you so well!" 
Score: Craig 3, Arlene 5, Len 6, Bruno 6. Total 20. 

Eighth up tonight were Tom and Camilla, doing a Paso Doble to Cutting Crew's I Just Died In Your Arms. Arlene "I loved your cape action! There were occasionally the most exciting and bright lines." Len wasn't impressed by the cape twirling, claiming "it was like putting the cover on a duvet" but loved the rest of it. Bruno thought that "you have the attack and determination of an action hero on a mission - Mission Accomplished." Craig said "It's all about big shapes and storytelling. There was a conceited arrogance all the way through it which was brilliant." 
Score: Craig 8, Arlene 9, Len 8, Bruno 9. Total 34. 

The penultimate couple to take to the floor were Christine and Matthew, who danced American Smooth to Singin' in the Rain. Len was first with his comments, saying that "from the waist up, everything was gorgeous - from the waist down, not quite as good. I liked it." Bruno gave Christine a physical demonstration of how much more she needed to stretch and extend her legs. Craig suggested that Christine should, "point your toes more. I love those lifts though." Arlene thought that ballet lessons might help Christine: "The top half was Hollywood - the bottom half was dead wood." 
Score Craig 7, Arlene 7, Len 8, Bruno 7. Total 29. 

Finally, Rachel and Vincent danced a Jive to Arthur Conley's tune Sweet Soul Music. Bruno was enthusiastic about it: "welcome back Rachel, the firecracker! You were selling it - tonight you ignited!" Craig thought that "you need to pick your feet up a little bit more, but apart from that it was great." Arlene was positive too, saying it was "a sparkly finish, as sparkly as you are. Push into the floor a little bit more to get the bounce from the ounce you need." Len was less enthusiastic, expecting more from Rachel's Jive. "It was competent, and I liked it, but it didn't really wow me." 
Score Craig 7, Arlene 8, Len 8, Bruno 9. Total 32. 

So John, Andrew and Heather are the three lowest-rated celebrities tonight. Tune in at 8.15pm tonight to find out which couple will be leaving the show.