Tess Daly's Blog About Heather & Brian

From Tess Daly's Bog on the official BBC Strictly site:

Alright, it's show 8 and despite receiving their highest score of the series so far, after four dance offs, Heather and Brian were finally defeated. But at least they went out on a high, the Tango definitely being Heather's strongest dance and her favourite of the whole competition.

During rehearsals Heather had said to me with real conviction, I do not want to be in that dance off again, and you could feel her determination. A big turnaround for our most nervous ever, strictly celeb. But ever the lady she bowed out with dignity. And our American boy Brian, declared that he loved living here in the UK.

He's had a wonderful time on his debut series. A welcome new addition to the show, Brian has been very warmly received by the strictly audience, and ever gallant, he put up with my mum and her extremely enthusiastic mates mobbing him for photos and a few more kisses than were strictly necessary, in the bar after the show.