Strictly No Dancing For Heather Small!

Taken from the 'Birmingham Mail' website:

There will be strictly no ballroom dancing when singer Heather Small joins Lulu and Anastacia in Here Come The Girls.

The M People vocalist insists the skills she learned with professional partner Brian Fortuna on Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 won’t be on display when the show plays Birmingham’s NIA Academy on November 26.

‘‘There is a time and there is a place,’’ she laughs. ‘‘I still do a bit of dancing but nothing for public consumption at this moment in time!"

‘‘When you’re on Strictly you enter a different kind of sphere and now that I’m safely out I shall leave it alone.’’

Not that the Strictly experience was a bad one for Heather.

‘‘It was great, absolutely fantastic. I was fit as a fiddle, I met Brian – we’ll be friends for life – but you are in a definite Strictly bubble and when you come to the real world, and you put on your civvies, it’s quite surreal. You think to yourself, did I really do that?’’

Heather says she got a great response from the public, even after losing to Rachel Stevens after six dances. ‘Strictly has a phenomenal number of fans, I didn’t realise how many,’’ says 45-year-old Heather. ‘‘People know me from singing but they do say to me that they enjoyed my stint on Strictly. I’ve had nothing but positives from the public; very, very warm because it’s a lovely show. When people see faces they are familiar with doing something quite different, out of their comfort zone, they are very kind and warm to that. It’s the judges you have to contend with!’’

She has no intention of entering other ‘reality’ shows.

‘‘People have offered me the chance of going into the jungle and that’s a definite ‘no’. I’m vegetarian and what they do with rats and little creatures is not my idea of fun at all.’’

Heather now has a new challenge – being on stage with Lulu and Anastacia.

Here Come The Girls first toured last year with Chaka Khan as the third vocalist but Heather doesn’t see herself as Chaka’s replacement.

‘‘There’s only one Chaka Khan, I don’t see that I’m filling her shoes, that’s quite impossible. It isn’t even something that would come into my head."

‘‘I just bring what I bring to the party. I think it’s wonderful that they’ve started off the whole ball game and have now invited me. I don’t see me as a replacement, I see me as an alternative. You can’t replace Chaka. I’m just a baby diva compared to her!’’

Heather saw the glamorous show last year and jumped at the chance to join the sisterhood.

‘‘It looked like such fun on stage, lots of songs you know and can sing along to. An evening of pure entertainment and enjoyment and the audience really, really loved it."

‘‘I’ll be alongside two very distinct voices, two very strong female characters, so I know it will be fun.’’

It will be the first time Heather has worked with Lulu and Anastacia.

‘‘I met Lulu to talk about the whole project and she’s very warm, very professional.’’

The show itself, which features the three singers showcasing their hits and cover versions, promises to be more spectacular than the last tour which visited Symphony Hall.

There’s a new 1 million pound stage set, new songs and routines and a new seven piece band.

Here Come The Girls
Nov 26: Birmingham NIA Academy
Tickets: 0844 338 8000