Strictly Diary Part 5

Heather and Brian made it through to the next round! Bruce asked Len if he agreed with the other judges. “I went for Don; I thought it was a more polished performance. I thought that Heather did come out and perform much, much better, what we would expect from her, but it was a lot of foot faults for me in her dance. I thought the cleaner and better performance came from Don.”


Katherine Jenkins was on the It Takes Two sofa talking about her performance on the results show from Sunday. In her video footage she said “I’m really excited because Heather Small is one of my friends and I just want her to do really, really well, she’s looking amazing”. In the rehearsal footage from the previous Friday, Brian was shown wearing a t-shirt with “Is it a BIRD? Is it a PLANE? ........NO....... it’s HURRICANE HEATHER” written on it! There was also a montage of clips with the celebrities, including Heather, feeling dizzy during their training!

19th October 2008

Strictly Comes Dancing
Round 5 Results Show

BBC 1 20:10



20th October 2008

It Takes Two
Episode 21

BBC 2 18:30