Strictly Diary Part 4

Heather said “I thought I held my frame quite well on the night and there was some conflicting opinions on that. There was nothing I could do. They had their say and I knew I was going to dance again, so I had just put myself in that frame of mind that if I’m gonna go, I’ll go with a bang!”

After Bruno Tonioli’s comment on Saturday they showed a clip of what it would have been like if Russell Brand had been chasing Heather around the dance floor!

A photo of the couple was posted on the It Takes Two website for people to suggest captions (see second photo down on the right):
“Brian see I told you my arms were longer.”
“For this move I need you to demonstrate for me the size of Brendon’s ego.”
“You picked up the hairspray instead of the deodorant as well did you.”
Claudia mentioned that there was a lot of support for them on the forum.

Thinking about the samba Heather said she would carry on doing what she was doing and continue to have fun with Brian. She said “Being in the dance-off, in hindsight it’s done me a favour because I know what it’s like now!” Brian said “I think the samba is going to be Heather’s dance. We had a little bit of training today and within two hours she was dancing it magnificently already so I am really looking forward to this weekend.” Heather said that Brian was so sweet as he never has a bad word to say about her even behind her back! 


Craig Revel Horwood and Karen Hardy discussed Heather and Brian’s samba training in the mid-week review:

Craig – “Heather sadly is not getting for me the right bounce action. Her body needs to absorb it through the knees a little bit more. She’s a little bit too much for me upright and a little bit too much weight back on her heel. By that I mean you have to transfer your weight either forward or back and she just needs to transfer it a little bit more forward, like she did with her salsa. She was down and sort of dirty with that! She could almost apply that to this dance.”

Karen highlighted some footwork which Heather should try to improve on and gave the advice “Heather keep your legs together, keep your weight very forward. When your weight goes forward it allows your knees to bend and that’s what creates bounce in the dance.”

At the end of the show there was a montage of “boot camp” clips with scenes of Heather being told firmly what to do by Brian and her saluting at one point!


Samba training update (13.5 hours trained): At the start of the week Brian says “The samba is a fun, flirtatious dance from Brazil and I think it’s gonna be right up Heather’s alley.” Heather begins happy because “I’m back to a Latin dance and instinctively the rhythm suits me.” But the footage showed Heather losing her confidence resulting in Brian taking a firm approach. Brian talked about Heather almost feeling that she wanted to go home. Heather said that her confidence was low and at one point she left the room for a breather. After Brian became stricter with Heather they started to get somewhere! The footage ended with Heather saying “Saturday’s gonna come and I’ll have to dance. So am I going to lay down and play dead or am I going to dance? I’ve decided I’m going to dance!”


Anton Du Beke went on a secret mission and found the following facts out about Heather and Brian:
1)    2nd from last with only 13.5 hours training this week!
2)    1st place for training in the room with the most balls! – 11 in total.
3)    2nd place for training in a room with the second biggest fan.

Claudia caught up with Heather on the dance floor during the Friday rehearsals to ask about the ‘tough love’ she received from Brian in the week. Heather said “It’s not mean, I think it worked. I needed to be thrashed into shape and he was able to. I admire him for it. Some tough love! I like a man who can say it as it is! Yeah I respond to that very well!” Talking about the samba she said “I wouldn’t say I felt overly confident. It’s not a long time to learn a dance, the technique and then your routine but I’m gonna do the best that I can. What I’m really trying to do is bring back the enjoyment into it. I did have great fun when I was doing the quickstep until I got to the judge’s table and it all went horribly wrong!”

Before Heather and Brian took to the floor for their samba dance, Heather discussed her feelings about the previous week’s dance-off situation in their video footage. “Standing under the spot light your heart thuds, you hear all the names go by, I felt like I was going to be thrown to the lions! Being in the dance-off, the thing that saw me through it; I saw my son’s face and thought I better dance my socks off! Now that I’ve been there I know what it feels like and you know I don’t want to feel it too often.” Looking forward Brian talked about how good he thought Heather would be for the samba. Heather made connections between the dance and where she grew up in London near where they hold the carnival. “I hope to bring that party atmosphere to the dance floor on Saturday. Samba here I come!” 

The samba began with Heather and Brian at opposite ends of the stage shimmying towards each other. Heather really looked the part with an afro hairstyle! There were lots of shaking of the hips, stretching out of the arms, quick footwork and big smiles throughout the dance.

The judge’s comments:
Craig Revel Horwood – “All the l’s – lifeless, lackluster, labored, it really was. The only good thing about that for me was the end.” Heather agreeing with Bruce Forsyth said “Yes unkind, unkind”.

Arlene Phillips – “You looked like you were at different parties. You were letting him do all the work and then suddenly, right at the end, you suddenly got into it. You were wild and sassy and I was just wanting that from the start Heather. I think you can do it. Whatever is inside you, let it go, throw it away and just give it up to the dance.”

Len Goodman – “Well I know you can do it because the samba and the salsa have got a similar flavour to them. You were fantastic in that salsa the first time you danced, but this as they’ve said; I think you’re thinking about the steps instead of thinking about the performance. But there you are they can’t all suit you every dance.”

Bruno Tonioli – “Well you looked the part and you have plenty to wiggle and bounce, it’s a shame you took quite a little time to get into it. Once you got into it I thought it was actually good, but you have to be on it from the beginning. A performance starts when you enter the stage. You have to grab us by the throat straight away.” Heather replied “Straight away!” “Yeah, immediately” Bruno answered.

With Tess Heather said that she enjoyed herself and she thought that she did let herself go. Brian added “You were fabulous Heather!”

The Judges Scores:
Craig Revel Horwood - 4                                      Total: 23
Arlene Phillips - 6                             
Len Goodman - 6                                                9th on the Judge's scoreboard
Bruno Tonioli - 7


In the recap footage Heather mentioned that she was “More upset last week because it was my first experience of the judges in such harsh terms, but I think if I’m still here, I think I better get used to it!” Heather’s partner Dave was shown again asking for the public to support her. During a montage of clips where the celebrities talked about their feelings towards a dance-off, Heather said “I wouldn’t like to go through it again, but I think it’s worse for family and friends and I know that my son wasn’t happy, and I like to make my son happy.”
When the results were announced Heather and Brian were in the bottom two and had to compete in the dance-off with Don Warrington and Lilia Kopylova. Before they danced again Len Goodman gave them this advice “I would say to Heather for this samba do what you do best. You’re a performer; come out and perform.”

The judge’s decisions:
Craig Revel Horwood – “I have to say the improvement in both couples was spectacular, but the couple for me that had the edge was Heather and Brian.”

Arlene Phillips – “Len’s advice to each of these couples was about their performance and the performance that was the best to me was Heather and Brian.”

Bruno Tonioli – “I think you both came back and did a great job considering the circumstances and by a whisker, it’s a very close call for me, I go with Heather and Brian.”


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