Strictly Diary Part 3

They looked back at a clip where Brian had previously said “London better watch out because Hurricane Heather is coming through and she’s gonna rip the house down!” From this a humorous weather report about hurricane heather was shown! Heather responded “I thought that was hilarious but I didn’t like the storm in a teacup bit, no I am the eye of the hurricane!”

Claudia asked them about the quickstep. Heather mentioned that she had a breakthrough that day saying “I know where I am now with the steps. I enjoyed it a lot more today and that’s what I want to do on Saturday. All the hard work is done, there’s no more I can do except just express myself on Saturday and hope people like it.” Brian said that the Quickstep “Is a very difficult dance.  It’s full of a lot of intricate footwork and changes in timing but Heather’s done a really great job so far. I tried to find a nice balance between the basics and the open material and as long as Heather’s confidence is there, this weekend we’re gonna be great!”

Heather was asked a question which had been posted on the show’s forum. “Do you get the same kind of thrill from dancing as you do performing in front of an arena crowd?” Heather’s answer was “It was a complete buzz when I did the salsa because an audience is an audience and if they appreciate what you do, there’s always a high!” The interview ended with Brian’s mum joining them.

There was a montage of clips at the end of the show about “stepping on feet”. There was a clip of Heather falling over again!



Friday Panel: Judges Len Goodman and Arlene Phillips, along with fashion expert Nicky Hamilton-Jones reviewed Heather and Brian’s quickstep training. In the footage they were shown Heather said “At the beginning of the week the quickstep felt like Everest to me, it was so daunting, but now that we have practised a lot more and I understand the dance, I just wanna go out on Saturday and enjoy it.” While watching the training Arlene says that it didn’t look that bad at all but commented on her needing to keep her frame. Claudia mentioned that the couple were unlike others as they didn’t come into the studio and say that they were going to nail it on Saturday. Len thought that was a good attitude to have as you wouldn’t want to come across ‘cocky’ to the public. They showed a drawing of Heather’s quickstep silver dress with pink lining and played a sample of the song that they were going to dance too, which Len quite liked!

There was a section of film that showed how the girls were feeling about Saturday. Heather said “When I think about having to go out there in front of an audience it does make me nervous and the nerves start to take over. To see somebody go you realise that it could be you and that’s a terrifying thought!”


At the start of the show Heather said “To tell you the truth I just don’t want to go!” Reflecting on the Salsa Heather mentioned “When Tess said I was the most nervous she was most probably right! But I just thought that I’ve got to grab this salsa by the scruff of the neck.” After Len’s comment she said “I am now having business cards made up as we speak – The Queen of Salsa!”

During the quickstep training Heather said “To be honest I am finding the quickstep challenging. It doesn’t come naturally to me. The thought of doing the dance on Saturday, it makes me quite nervous and when I start to get nervous I sort of shut down.” Brian commented on Heather being a perfectionist and reckons that she doesn’t know how good she is! Heather’s son and nephew came along to one day of training for support. Later in the footage Heather said “Being called Queen of the salsa is one thing, but my son has already told me that I better be Queen of the quickstep, so no pressure!”

Heather wore a silver dress with bright pink lining for the quickstep dance. Brian and her started the dance on opposite sides of the stage and danced a number of twirls and skips for the quickstep. The ending consisted of lots of swinging arms, a fall to the ground and a big finish pose! Heather’s son watched their performance in the audience.

The judge’s comments:
Bruno Tonioli – “Heather you were so tight you looked like Russell Brand was chasing you around the room. It was so tight it lacked ease of movement. The quickstep I know is very difficult, it is very, very hard to control but that difficulty has to be made look easy. You went wild at the end because you were relieved that the whole thing ended. It didn’t quite work for me Heather.”

Craig Revel Horwood – “Two minds about this. Timing at the top was not brilliant; you got out of time there. Technically I thought it wasn’t very good, head placement a bit iffy. But you know what I loved your energy and I absolutely loved watching you and your performance and that I have to say is half the battle. I think it was a great routine.”

Arlene Phillips – “Well this dance should bubble and sparkle and although you were smiling a lot it was heavy. It was like the champagne had gone flat. Your shoulders were up. When you were in hold you were clinging on.” Craig interrupted her by saying “I don’t think it was that bad actually. I think your exaggerating.”

Len Goodman – “Well she was exaggerating a little bit, but not much. The poor old Queen of the salsa has abdicated tonight because your footwork – you must go forward on the slows on your heel and you never did once unfortunately. I liked your upper body portions, your top and your arms which Bruno cheekily said “There’s plenty there to like!” Len continued to say “But your footwork I didn’t much like at all. So it was a bit of this and a bit of that”. Arlene and Len then had another little quarrel over Heather’s top line. 

Backstage Tess Daly told Heather that everyone disagreed with what the judges said and commented on how hard she had worked on the dance and the energy they had. Heather’s reaction to the judge’s comments was “I’ll take it on board but I enjoyed myself and I did the best I could do. I didn’t think I was clinging on as much as they were saying. I did work very hard on my frame.”

The Judges Scores:
Craig Revel Horwood - 6                                      Total: 23
Arlene Phillips - 5                             
Len Goodman - 6                                                5th on the Judge's scoreboard
Bruno Tonioli - 6


In the recap footage both Heather’s partner and son mentioned how harsh they thought the judge’s comments were. Heather said “I know I worked really hard on the dance and my family was in the audience, so whatever happened I knew if I slid all over the floor somebody’s gonna cheer for me!” Thinking ahead to when the boys and girls compete against each other Heather said her plan was to practise, practise and practise some more! She also said that she didn’t want to go until she has at least dance the Cha Cha Cha with Brian.

When the results were announced Heather and Brian were in the bottom two and had to compete in the dance-off with Jessie Wallace and Darren Bennett. Before they danced again Len Goodman gave them this advice “Try and focus on your dance and just try and lift your ribcage and show off a bit more of your beautiful posture.”

The judge’s decisions:
Craig Revel Horwood – “I think both couples definitely improved in the dance-off, but for me the best couple tonight in the dance-off was Heather and Brian.”

Arlene Phillips – “As Craig said this is really tough. They have both improved. The couple I’m going to save – the lady started off and she was really nervous, I thought she was gonna flunk the whole thing. Suddenly the showbiz instinct took off. Heather and Brian,”

Bruno Tonioli – “I think under the circumstances it is very hard because they both came back and they did their best. I know they really want to stay in the competition but I have to go with the couple that outshone the other for me this evening and the couple is Heather and Brian.”

Heather and Brian made it through to the next round! Bruce asked Len if he agreed with the other judges. “No I totally disagreed, I thought Jessie and Darren. Both couples improved but I thought Jessie and Darren improved that little bit more.”


On Tuesdays the saved couple from the dance-off are interviewed on It Takes Two. On the show Heather talked about her feelings about the judge’s comments saying that they were quite harsh and conflicting. Brian said that he agreed with some of the comments, particularly about the footwork, but he said that he was very proud of how Heather performed and her energetic smile throughout. Heather talked about how hard she had worked on her frame for the dance.

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