Strictly Diary Part 2

Heather mentioned that she fell over a few times when rehearsing the neck drop.

Arlene Phillips – “Well in the words of your song: ‘Moving On Up’. You had that hip action but the attitude you were in and out of it, there were moments when I loved you and moments when I’m going come on, come on, stop being boring, don’t loose it. I want you to go out there and sizzle because you can!”

Len Goodman – “Heather, Heather, Queen of the Salsa! I loved it. I thought it was fantastic. They’re right, the feet a little bit, the arms sometimes but the rhythm you produced I thought you did a great job. Well done!”

Backstage With Tess Daly:
Tess Daly – “Well done angel! Well done Brian the king of the salsa and you have a new queen! You are probably the most nervous celebrity we have ever had on Strictly Come Dancing Heather. You pulled it off!”

Heather Small – “Yeah me and Jodie I would say.”

Tess Daly – “How do you feel now you’ve done it?”

Heather Small – “Exhilarated, yeah it was really enjoyable. I tried to hold on to the fact that I’m really enjoying myself and not let the nerves get the better of me.”

Tess Daly – “Good girl! Well I thought it was a phenomenal first effort, well done to both of you. The scores are in!”

The Judges Scores:
Craig Revel Horwood - 5                                      Total: 26
Arlene Phillips - 6                             
Len Goodman - 8                                                4th on the Judge's scoreboard
Bruno Tonioli - 7

Heather was pleased with Len’s 8 and said “That was good, I shall take that away with me!”


Recap Footage:
Heather Small – “Len calling me the queen of the salsa was quite good because I have to say I worked on all that hip action and I might not have got all the footing right, but you know I’ll take queen of the salsa, I‘ll take it!”

Heather’s partner Dave – “Her dance routine was a very highly technical routine and that risky move when she was almost thrown down to the floor, the neck move, that was just totally awesome!”

Bruce Forsyth – “Len you called Heather the queen of the salsa, what made her stand out?”

Len Goodman – “She had tremendous energy when she came out on the floor. I thought her partner Brian did a great job. He used a lot of the basic steps. The more choreography you do, the further you get away from the roots of the dance and I thought he got the mix just right. I thought it was a great, great performance.

The Results:
Heather and Brian made it through to the next round! Jodie Kidd and Gillian Taylforth faced the dance off, resulting in Gillian leaving the competition.


Heather Small and the remaining girls were in full ‘swing’ training for their group dance. There was also a montage of clips about laughing which started with Heather saying she needs to “Not smile, not giggle and not laugh!”



It was the boy’s night in Round 3 again so the girls performed a group Swing dance. In the rehearsal footage Heather said “The first group dance was atrocious!” She also said “When you get it right you do feel a sense of illation, but I haven’t had that sense of illation yet, cos I so haven’t got it right!” During the rehearsal footage Heather shouts “That’s hard. It’s too hard!” Her final comment was “If we get it right and it works, it’s gonna look spectacular."

After the dance, head judge Len Goodman said it was the “Best group dance I have seen on any of the Strictlys.”


In the results show footage of the girl’s training was shown with Heather saying “It is quite frenetic the quick step, it’s a fair old gallop. I haven’t quite mastered that yet!” This statement was backed up with clips of Heather and Brian stepping on each other, bumping into things and also with Heather falling over!

The girls danced their group Swing dance again.


Craig Revel Horwood & Anton Du Beke reviewed Heather and Brian’s rehearsals for their quickstep:

Craig: “It’s looking good. Heather has got a great top line going on there and she’s using her head very well and arms very well at this point. Her footwork, however, for me is just a little bit untidy in places. She’s very light-footed though and that’s what’s very difficult to achieve.”

Claudia: “It doesn’t look very quick. Can I just throw that in?”

Craig: “Yes not at this point but later on it gets a little faster and then the footwork gets faster. But she’s just losing a lot of her top line there I think because she’s concentrating on the footwork.”

Anton: “It’s not too bad. Talking about footwork she does a couple of things where she goes forward on her toe really when she should be going on the heel. She does that quite a lot through the routine; I know it’s early in the week. She’s got a bit of gapping but I don’t mind this early in the week, when you’re learning the routine it’s good to give your partner some space to do the steps in really. If you get to close, you can put them off a little bit. But what is really good is that she’s doing a back-lock. She does a couple but they’re skipping locks. She comes off the floor beautifully, nice and high and she will cover the floor really well. That’s really good because that will make it bright, it will make it light and she will have a lovely quickstep. It’s gonna cover the ground well because it’s gonna have that light sort of energy which is really important.”

At the end of the episode there was a “sorry” montage which included Heather saying “I’m so sorry!” and giving Brian a huge hug!


Heather and Brian shared their views about the training for the quickstep (10.5 hours trained): 

Brian: “Heather was dubbed the Queen of the salsa and I’m really hoping this week she can be the empress of the quickstep!” He also said “It frustrates me to a certain sense when she’s not completely confident with what she’s doing because when she is, she looks great.”

Heather: “It’s such a graceful, elegant dance I really do want to get it right. My challenge is to keep my heels on the floor when they should be on the floor!” Later she went on to say “My head is at a certain angle and tilted. I’m finding it challenging because it’s not the kind of position I hold on a daily basis!” Her final comment was “By Saturday night I want to go out there and really show how graceful and elegant a dance it is. It’s throwing down the gauntlet and I’m going to pick it up!”

During training footage Brian tells Heather that she needs to fix her heel leads – “Real quickly!” He also reminds her to keep her head back and to relax as they are not in a race! Heather’s reaction was to say “Saturday!” numerous times.

Heather and Brian joined Claudia on the It Takes Two sofa. After looking back at their story so far Claudia commented on Heather’s giggling when watching the footage to which Heather replied “It’s hard to watch yourself!” Heather talked about her nerves saying “I’m a few notches down from being terrified now, just nervous but I have to say I have enjoyed it immensely. It’s been such fun, the dancing every day, the dresses, the make-up, the hair what’s not to like girl!” Claudia asked Heather how she felt after the success of the Salsa. Heather said “I just thought that’s one down how many more have I got to go? Yeah I was happy with how it went, really happy and I didn’t want to let Brian down. We put a lot of work into it and I just wanted to go out there and enjoy it.”

27th September 2008

Strictly Come Dancing Round 2

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Strictly Come Dancing Round 2 Results Show

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It Takes Two
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Strictly Come Dancing
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Strictly Come Dancing
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It Takes Two
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