Strictly Diary Part 1

28th August 2008

Official Press Launch

Cafe De Paris, London


13th September 2008

Strictly Come Dancing Official Launch Show

BBC 1 18:30


20th September 2008

Strictly Come Dancing Round 1

BBC 1 18:10


21st September 2008

Strictly Come Dancing
Round 1 Results Show

BBC 1 20:00


22nd September 2008

It Takes Two
Episode 1

BBC 2 18:30


23rd September 2008

It Takes Two
Episode 2

BBC 2 18:30


24th September 2008

It Takes Two
Episode 3

BBC 2 18:30


25th September 2008

It Takes Two
Episode 4

BBC 2 18:30


26th September 2008

It Takes Two
Episode 5

BBC 2 18:30


27th September 2008

Strictly Come Dancing Round 2

BBC 1 18:45

Heather Small attended the launch party for the sixth series of 'Strictly Come Dancing', confirming that the rumours were true about her taking part as a contestant in the show. Brian Fortuna was revealed as her dance partner.


The launch show introduced all the dancers and celebrities. The celebrities shared their experiences, backgrounds and feelings towards the competition. Heather Small talked about her reggae and calypso roots which she hopes will help her to get the hip movements especially for the salsa! In the show we saw the moment when Heather met her dance partner Brian Fortuna. She asked him what she would need to "bring to the table" and he responded with "Your bringing a lot to the table already, you are a very attractive woman!" Heather replied "Oh he's good!" Heather went on to discuss the custom of the male leading the dance which she laughed about due to her natural instinct to be the leader, such as being the lead in M People. During rehearsals Brian said "You actually physically over power me!" which she responds with "Don't sound so surprised!" Heather continues to state that "There is sometimes definitely a diva, but all in a good way."


It was boys week in the first episode of the show. Therefore Heather Small took part in the girl's group cha cha cha dance.


All 16 couples took to the dance floor for a group dance.


During the behind the scenes footage we saw Heather Small meeting last year's winner Alesha Dixon. When shaking Alesha's hand Heather asked if she was shaking the hand of the next winner! After laughing Alesha commented on both of their "dirty laughs"!


In this episode they looked back at the original press launch where Brian Fortuna said that "Heather's making me nervous because of how hot she's looking!" Heather replied with "He's good! I'm just nervous." There was a collection of footage related to the 'behind'. Brian chanted "Put your butt out!" to Heather who replied with "That's as far as it's gonna go!".


Craig Revel Horwood's Mid-Week Report:
While viewing footage of Heather Small and Brian Fortuna rehearsing their salsa dance, Craig and Claudia discussed their progress so far. Claudia stated that "They looked quite brilliant on Saturday night, they had an electricity about them." Craig replied by saying "I have to agree. She's mastering the rhythm really well, has great spins and her foot work is nice and quick. It looks like a nice party to be at." He then mentions how she could improve her performance by saying "Small problem, when doing her turns she ends up putting her weight too far back on the heel, she needs to have a little more weight pushed onto the ball of her foot, that will make all of those transitions a little more smoother."


Training Update Heather & Brian’s Salsa: They have trained for 71.5 hours so far! Heather’s thoughts: “I would say that the training is going well. My first solo dance - salsa, I am happy with. It’s quite fast, it’s quite pacey and it’s quite exhilarating. I definitely don’t want the nerves to get the better of me. I want to go out there on Saturday and have fun. Bring it on!” Brian’s thoughts: “Heather’s fantastic with the dance. Her timing is exceptional, she uses her arms well, she uses her hips well, she’s rhythmical, she’s in great shape, she’s expressive and she really is a great dancer. But when you get out there on the dance floor and the crowd is going and there’s cameras and you know you’re on live TV, you tend to get a little bit nervous and Heather gets extremely nervous. I am really hoping that this Saturday she’s able to overcome that fear and really show everybody what she’s really made of.”

Behind The Scenes For The Promo Video: Looking back at the filming of the disco ball flying over London promo video for the show we saw Heather bouncing on a trampoline to create the image of her floating. “Oooh that’s high!” she states! Heather’s view of that day: “It’s really enjoyable putting on the dresses and jumping around and having fun.”

Brian Fortuna: Brian was in the studio today and told Claudia that “Heather and I have a genuinely really great time together. I speak to her like just like I would any of my friends. I think she might be my favourite student I have ever worked with to be truthful.”


Friday Panel:
Judges Len Goodman and Arlene Phillips, along with singer Jason Donavon, reviewed Heather Small and Brian Fortuna’s salsa rehearsals. In the video footage Heather said “I think I’ll be a little nervous, but hopefully not too nervous that it debilitates me. Nervous enough to get that real energy because it’s salsa and I wanna be able to, you know, use it to move!” Len had positive comments for Heather including how well she was performing “Very intricate clever underarm turns, she’s got her hips working, it’s like the bionic bum flying everywhere!” The panel were really happy with her progress. The panel also saw a drawing of the dress Heather was going to wear and Arlene said “Oh she’s gonna wow us!”.

Hurricane Heather!
Claudia visited the dance floor to see how the ladies were getting on. She talked to Heather and Brian about their feelings for the live Saturday show. After Claudia saying “Don’t you giggle Small!” Heather commented that she felt like she was back at school! Claudia said "I’m quite scary aren’t I!” Heather replied cheekily “Not really!” Heather talked about her nerves “I don’t wanna be as nervous as I usually am, otherwise I won’t dance very well and I owe it to Brian to do my best, I’m gonna enjoy myself. It’s been fun so far and I just wanna translate that on the dance floor that we’ve had fun.” Brian boldly stated “London better watch out because Hurricane Heather is coming through and she’s gonna rip the house down!” Heather replied “You talk me up Brian! No pressure! Absolutely no pressure! Hurricane Heather, I like it!” Claudia asked Heather how she was feeling about the judges and how good she was with taking criticism. She replied “I’m not the best with criticism I have to say. I think I’m going to take it as panto and then hire the hit man in the morning!”


Ladies Night! Round 2 saw the first dances for the female celebrities. Heather Small and Brian Fortuna performed a salsa.

Heather and Brian's rehearsal footage:
“I’m Heather Small and people best know me for singing. I had a 10 year career with the band M People. We won a Brit. One of the reasons that I am doing the show is because my family are huge fans and they said they wouldn’t speak to me if I didn’t participate. My son said to me that, Mummy you know you love to dance, just go out there and do your best!" During the rehearsals Heather says “I do love it. I enjoy it so much. It’s like I’m a child!” Brian says “Heather’s fantastic with the dance, the problem is Heather gets extremely nervous, so I am really hoping that this Saturday she’s able to overcome that fear.” Heather continues to say “I’m always nervous when I sing, so going out and doing something that you don’t naturally do, I’ll be absolutely terrified. But you know there’s nothing like having a few people cheer at you to spur you on. That’s what I’m hoping for cheering and not tomatoes!”

The Salsa! Heather started the dance by the judge’s desk with a feisty attitude! She performed a mini solo dance before reaching her partner Brian. Together they danced lots of twirls and Heather kept shaking her hips! Towards the end of their dance they incorporated a neck drop which was amazing!

The Judge's Comments:
Bruno Tonioli - “Oooh sassy mama you know how to shake that tush! Heather that’s the sprit, that’s what salsa is all about. You missed a few accents, it surprises me because as a musician you should know where to hit it and where to hold it back.” Heather replied “I know when to hit it when I’m singing; you see it’s the dancing.” Bruno continued “It’s the same thing you have to translate it. It’s a different part of the brain, but it is the same thing. Apart from that - good.”

Craig Revel Horwood - “Right energy and right attitude and I thought from the beginning and the outset we were in for something really, really exciting. It’s let me down a little bit. Your feet were about a foot apart through the whole thing. You need to learn to bring those feet together at some stage. A bit rag dollish at the end. However on a good note, very trustworthy of you to go into that neck drop. I thought that was brilliant actually.”