Shovell Working With Copyright

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Defected records interviewed 'Copyright' who spoke about working with Shovell on their new Ibiza Mix Album:

"Gavin Mills and Sam Holt are better known as Copyright, the international DJ duo signed to Defected. They have been rocking beats on dance floors for over 10 years. With a solid reputation as hot producers and skilful DJs, they come to us with the news of why their new Ibiza 09 mix is the first of its kind.

What are the differences between the two mixes you’ve done on Ibiza '09?

Sam: Well we wanted to try and replicate the Ibizan experience and so one of the CDs kind of reflects the day and maybe the beach vibe and the second CD is a bit more about the club experience, hopefully people can put this CD on and get a taste of Ibiza.

What is special about this mix, what’s the thing that hasn’t been performed on any other mix?

Gav: We bought Shovell into the studio.

Sam: We’ve all been contributing to the ‘Drum Warrior’ experience and we’ve brought that into the compilation. There is little interludes of Shovell throughout the album and as far as we know it has never been done before.

Gav: We try to catch little flavours of what its like when Shovell is actually playing in the club.

You’ve gone to even further lengths than just having Shovell put percussion over your tracks. You’ve actually put together a special intro track, what was your inspiration behind that?

Gav: We had this picture of Benirras Beach with all the drummers playing at sunset and I had this vision in my head of Shovell leading all the drummers down there and everybody joining in. So the whole track is just made up of the drums and with Shovell doing a little bit of chanting over it.
Sam: We’ve also re-edited Harry Choo Choo’s ‘Cumbria’, which is a massive record for us and theres a bit of Shovell on that. Throughout the album we’ve used acapellas, its gone through two stages this mix, we developed the mix, then we did some trickery and then we put Shovell on top. So its not been just a standard sort of compilation process its almost like producing a record in a way, that’s how much time we’ve put into making this, it’s a sixty minute track in a way.

Also Shovell has got some of his own tracks on there hasn’t he?

Sam: Yeah in some of the interludes we’ve used ‘Voodoo’ and ‘Warrior Dance - Yema Ya’ from our last album with Shovell, they’re the moments in the album where he’s playing over it and it almost creates new little tracks. Then there is Shovell's new project on there, ‘The Latin Hooligans’ that’s something that’s in development, a brand new future project on Defected. It’s a cover of a classic, Soul Makossa, Chocolate Puma remix, again a total, total exclusive."