Sarah Hadland | Heather Small On A Stick

Sarah Hadland (Stevie in the BBC comedy Miranda) discusses Heather Small on a stick in a recent interview for the Daily Mail:


TV stars get asked all sorts of daft questions when fans meet them on the street: go on, say that catch phrase, do that face, give us a photo. But Sarah Hadland, aka Miranda Hart’s sidekick Stevie in the hit BBC comedy Miranda, must get the weirdest requests of the lot.

More recently, in the audience recordings for the new series, another of Sarah’s trademark Miranda jokes has been batted back at her. "I come in in the morning and there are all these teenage girls queuing with their mini home-made Heather Small masks on sticks. I get people asking me to sing, “What have you done today to make you feel proud?” But I never do, because I think it’s got to be…it’s got to be sacred."

Sarah says that many of the comic moments are borrowed from the cast’s real-life experiences. "The Heather Small stuff? That was just me singing round Miranda’s flat. She went, “Why did you sing that?” And I said, “I don’t know, I just sang a bit of M People.” That’s how that came about. She’s very clever at bringing attributes of me, Patricia [Hodge, who plays Miranda’s mum] and Sally [Phillips, Miranda’s old schoolfriend] and putting it into a character."

Time for one final anecdote."I have a practice Heather-on-a-stick for rehearsals. I was in the queue at Marks & Spencer and it fell out of my bag. It fell on the floor and I just went, “Oh my God, Heather,

I’m so sorry,” without even thinking. All these people in Marks & Spencer were going, “Look at her. She’s completely mad.”"

Series 3 of Miranda starts on Boxing Day, BBC 1.