Round 8 - What The Judges Said

From the BBC Strictly site:

It's week eight, and the tension has been building for all our couples, as this year's Strictly Come Dancing is now past the halfway point in the series. The stakes are higher than ever. So which couple will be saying farewell to the dancefloor this weekend? 

Tom and Camilla were the first to dance, performing an exciting Quickstep to A Town Called Malice by The Jam. Tom was originally looking forward to this dance most, but rehearsals proved challenging, thanks to the infamous 'wall incident'. Len thought this "was right in character, light, fluffy. You did a great job." Bruno said "it was like watching jumping jack flash. So on the timing - unbelievable." Craig thought "Camilla did extremely well showcasing Tom's strengths, but I have three issues, you (Tom) should be further up on the toes, a stumble from Camilla and your hands." And finally Arlene thought "you were jumping over giant stones, all the way to the final!" 
Score: Craig 9, Arlene 9, Len 9, Bruno 9. Total 36. 

Up next were Jodie and Ian, Samba-ing their way across the floor to Help Yourself by Tom Jones. Jodie was inspired by the positive comments last week, but how did she fair this week? Bruno thought "Jodie you're like the stock markets, up and down, but here we crash again... you were never quite on it. You really have to focus on those latins.. get into the rhythm." Craig said "you crucified that Samba, no real bounce action... limp.. very sticky rolls." Arlene thought "it wasn't good, but it wasn't that bad. You have an easy bounce, you just lost it, it wasn't a carnival in Rio, it was more like a birthday party in Bournemouth." And finally Len thought "it had a fun element, you moved nicely, but it doesn't suit you, its a small person's dance...but that doesn't mean your not a good dancer... it doesn't matter."
Score: Craig 3, Arlene 6, Len 7, Bruno 7. Total 23. 

Heather and Brian were next, performing a Tango to Rebel Rebel by David Bowie. Heather was visited by her mother during rehearsals and tonight she said she would be dancing for her mum, who said "Work it girl!" Craig said "it was a marked improvement on last week - thats all the good. Your release was limp... you're just a little bit ahead on step." Arlene said "look, you do get stronger week by week, but it still didn't have that sharp drama and drive it needs." Len thought "its a actors dance, I though you did do that, but I'd like you to tuck your hips under, keep body contact, but a good job." Finally Bruno said "great improvement, but you forced it...sometimes your shoulders go up... you stop performing... combining will get higher scores." 
Score: Craig 6, Arlene 7, Len 7, Bruno 7. Total 27. 

Next up were Austin and Erin with a Rumba to the Diana Ross song When You Tell Me That You Love Me. After last week's feedback and a 10, Austin was very happy, so what were the views this week? Arlene felt that "this was brave... your feet caressed the floor, but all these muscles are stopping you using your upper body and flowing through." Len said "I thought we were in for something good, but my feeling is you weren't comfortable doing this dance, and it was uncomfortable to watch. The elements you mastered, but it lacked warmth." Bruno voiced his view that "you should have gone for throbbing... if you don't go for her you have to entice her." And that "it was well done, but lacked that special spark." Craig said "it wasn't for me, clever choreography from Erin, hiding his (Austin's) limitations." 
Score: Craig 5, Arlene 8, Len 8, Bruno 8. Total 29. 

Cherie and James performed a Waltz to I Wonder Why by Curtis Stigers. Cherie felt in rehearsals she was back in her comfort zone doing a Waltz and wanted to prove she is a proper contender. Len thought "every element was fantastic, except your footwork, you kept going forward on your toe. If you hadn't done, heaven knows where you'd be (score and dance wise)." "For me the English rose is back in full bloom, your grace and elegance, but get that confidence in the latin dances" praised Bruno. "Clean, confident and hugely enchanting - I loved it!" said Craig. Arlene said "the charisma and chemistry is back, but we are in week eight and I never want to hear 'this dance suits you and this one doesn't' again." 
Score: Craig 9, Arlene 9, Len 9, Bruno 9. Total 36. 

Christine and Matthew rocked the floor with a Jive to Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock. The audience clapped along in time, but did the judges join them? Bruno felt "your back! all tightened up... you've got the lights going tonight!" Craig thought "you did a very good job, but your arms released and were aimlessly moving." Arlene said "I'm thrilled you went to a ballet class this week, and it made a difference. A phenomenal improvement!" "A really bright lovely jive, so good, very nice" "said Len. 
Score: Craig 7, Arlene 8, Len 8, Bruno 8. Total 31. 

Rachel and Vincent took to the floor with an American Smooth with I Got A Woman by Ray Charles. Rachel was fired up to just come out and 'Go for it!' Craig felt "normally we see this as a foxtrot based dance - so I loved the fact you used this... so we got to see Rachel animated and you went up into a lovely lift." Arelene said "it was bright, lively, tricky footwork, so why wasn't it perfect for me? You don't use your eyes... you look gorgeous, but you need to find a story through your eyes." Len added "diamonds come in small packages and that was a gem of a performance." And Bruno said "it was Fred and Ginger for me tonight, so elaborate and demanding... you did that effortlessly." 
Score: Craig 8, Arlene 9, Len 9, Bruno 9. Total 35. 

Eighth up tonight were John and Kristina, doing the Cha Cha to a lively version of Twist and Shout. John jokingly said during rehearsals he was no good at dancing, except on Saturday nights, but then added he was prepared to do anything to get the marks up. Arlene said "you were outstanding at dancing really badly... that dance had nothing to say and neither do I." Len thought "he was phoning his mates up (in the dance) to vote for him... it was terrible." Bruno said "your charming personality is undeniable, but even you must admit your dancing stinks!" Craig just said it was a "disaster." 
Score: Craig 1, Arlene 3, Len 4, Bruno 4. Total 12. 

Finally, Lisa and Brendan performed a Viennese Waltz to Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi. Lisa wants to stay in the show to the end and fight for the final - so did she do enough to win the judge's votes? Bruno said "you've taken the simplicity of the waltz into ballroom magic." Craig said "Brendan I could kiss you, you've done a fantastic job with this woman (Lisa), wonderful" Arlene said "it flew by, those endless rotations flew by." Len felt "from week one you (Lisa) are the most improved dancer of this series." 
Score Craig 9, Arlene 9, Len 9, Bruno 9. Total 36. 

So John and Kristina, Heather and Brian, and Jodie and Ian are the three lowest-rated celebrities tonight. Tune in at 8.15pm on Sunday 9th November to find out which couple will be leaving the show.