Review: Portsmouth Guildhall

A review of the 'Here Come The Girls' concert at the Portsmouth Guildhall taken from the 'Portsmouth Today News' website:

After the success of the Christmas 2009 tour, Here Come The Girls returned to Portsmouth and delivered a package of glitz and glam. 
It opened with Lulu, Anastasia and new recruit Heather Small all clad in black leather, belting out I'm Every Woman. 

The stage had a classic Sixties retro vibe and solid voices turned the air into a rip-roaring chorus of fantastic harmonies - and as a trio they gelled perfectly.

Great songs entertained such as Relight My Fire, One Night In Heaven and One Day In Your Life.

The backing group gave them all they could ask, and more. 

The girls had three rules: stand up, have fun and dance with a capital D!

Well, we all happily stood and danced away the evening. Loud applause came from around the venue, along with plenty of encouraging whistles. 

A good turnout despite the weather - it may have been cold outside, but the temperature was turned up full-pelt inside.

The evening proved a mix of old and new, including Mercy from Lulu, Amy Winehouse's Valerie from Heather, and a terrific I'm Outta Love from Anastasia. Although all of small stature, there were no timid voices here!

A terrific celebration of sisterhood.