M People | Real Ale Jazz Festival | Chichester | 2007

M People played a number of concerts in June and July 2007. On Wednesday 4th July 2007 they performed an amazing gig at the Real Ale Jazz Festival in Chichester. Heather Small, Paul Heard and Shovell delivered hit after hit at the event to a very happy and up-for-it crowd!

Set List

  1)  Renaissance

  2)  Excited

  3)  Angel St

  4)  One Night In Heaven

  5)  Colour My Life

  6)  Open Your Heart

  7)  Someday

  8)  Just For You

  9)  Proud

10)  Don't Look Any Further

11)  Sight For Sore Eyes

12)  How Can I Love You More?

13)  Fantasy Island

14)  Search For The Hero

15)  Itchycoo Park

16)  Moving On Up

Support Act

Hakuna Pesa were the support act for M People. They are a Ska band who raise money for street kids in Kenya.