M People 2013 Tour | Promo Day

M People were promoting their upcoming 20th Anniversary Greatest Hits Tour today both on the TV and radio.


The band started this morning on the BBC 1 TV Breakfast show:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr7s_FoK6pQ (Watch a clip of the interview).

Two radio interviews followed - the band appeared on BBC Suffolk and Heather spoke on the phone to BBC Scotland:

https://soundcloud.com/mpeople-heathersmall/m-people-tour-suffolk (Listen to M People on BBC Suffolk).

https://soundcloud.com/mpeople-heathersmall/m-people-2013-tour-scotland (Listen to Heather Small on BBC Scotland).

Towards the end of the day the band appeared on two North West TV News shows:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u03-_aWQmVc (Watch M People on Granada Reports).

Mike Pickering, who won't be joining Heather Small, Paul Heard and Shovell on the tour, tweeted this about the tour today:

"For all those asking "the M" wont be on tour with M People this October but it happens with my blessing. TBH it'll probably be better."

With all of the promo today, M People's 'Ultimate Collection' album has re-entered the iTunes chart and is currently number 141!

View the tour page for more information about M People's 2013 20th Anniversary Greatest Hits Tour.