M People 2013 Tour | Heather Small's Rider

Article from Xposé Entertainment:


Heather Small Goes Gaga For Honey

M People star Heather Small uses the same luxurious honey as Lady Gaga to keep her voice in top shape.

The 'Moving On Up' singer is heading back on the road with the band in October to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their seminal album 'Elegant Slumming' and she uses £10-a-jar Manuka honey to soothe her sore throat when she comes off stage.

Gaga has listed the sweet bee juice in her rider for years to protect her voice from wear and tear, and Heather admits she has very specific requests backstage and doesn't like to perform without white flowers and dark chocolate in her dressing room.

When asked what's in her rider, she exclusively told BANG Showbiz:

"I always have flowers, white flowers, candles and I make sure that I have fresh ginger, and some Manuka honey. And I usually have dark or organic chocolate. The guys might have some Jack Daniels; they don't usually open that beforehand though.''

Despite having such a precise rider, Heather is adamant she is not a diva. The 48-year-old musician insists she needs the items to calm her nerves before show time. She explained:

''Everybody always tries to make me out into some sort of diva! But I am not a diva, I like what I like, and I like to get it. When you are performing and you've got to go out there and do your thing it's nice to have the stuff around you that settles your nerves. I know if I want something for my throat, my lozenges, I've got them. So if everything is good before you get on stage you give your best performance. It is just what you need around you to perform well. I get very, very nervous, so I spend a lot of the time in my room. Everything has a purpose; the flowers make me feel relaxed, the candles make me feel relaxed. Everything is to calm my nerves. So there is method to the madness.''

M People's 14-date '20th Anniversary Greatest Hits Tour' kicks off in October 2013! For more information about dates, venues and tickets please see the tour page.