M People 2013 Tour | Heather Small's Advice For Singers

Article from the Daily Star:


The Wanted's Nathan Sykes Given Advice By Heather Small

Poorly boybander Nathan Sykes has been urged to cut out his party lifestyle by a singer who’s also suffered the trauma of throat surgery.

The Wanted lad, 20, had an operation last week to cure a haemorr-haged vocal cord.

M People’s Heather Small was unable to speak for six weeks after enduring the same op last year to save her voice. The 48-year-old told me:

“It must be scary for Nathan, because I was terrified. To face losing your voice when it’s how you make your living makes you feel so vulnerable. I reverted back to being a little girl with my surgeon, pleading: ‘Is everything going to be all right?'”

Regaining her voice helped convince Heather to reform M People, who tour this October, their first one since 2007. Heather explained:

“I owed it to myself to sing more than I had been. I’d advise any young singer to look after their voice properly – you owe it to the fans. They’ve paid to hear you sing the best you can. That was easier for me because I’ve never drank as I don’t like the taste of alcohol. Not being able to speak was the killer as I’m a big talker. I wrote everything down and got through so much notepaper I must have doubled WH Smith’s profits. Throat massages and acupuncture helped too, and since my operation I sing high notes easier than before."

M People multi-instrumentalist Mike Pickering, 55, is too busy in his job as an A&R exec at Sony to re-join the band but guitarist Paul Heard, 52, and percussionist Shovell, 44, will be playing at their shows.

And it’ll be all about the hits like Moving On Up. Mum-of-one Heather admitted:

“We had such a perfect time in the 90s that doing new songs might feel an unnecessary add-on. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Although Heather doesn’t drink, her bandmates lived it large back in the day. Paul laughed:

“Everyone looked at Heather so we could party under the radar. The big difference since the 90s is that we’ve had kids. I get up at 6.30am now, whereas that’s what time I used to come home.”

Heather added:

“I’d be on the hotel gym’s treadmill when they finally got in, so they’d tell me the gossip before staggering to bed.”

M People's 14-date '20th Anniversary Greatest Hits Tour' kicks off in October 2013! For more information about dates, venues and tickets please visit the tour page.