Lulu Talking About Heather Small

Extracts of an interview with Lulu from the Scottish 'Sunday Mail - Daily Record' website:

Lulu hits the road with Here Come The Girls, her diva package tour which also stars Anastacia and Heather Small of M People, who replaces Chaka Khan.

The trio kick off their new 1 million pound stage show at Edinburgh Playhouse on November 22 and the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow the following night.

She said: "Our voices are strong, powerful but very different."

"It's great Heather has joined us because I've always been a fan."

"Last year she came to see Here Come The Girls as a punter. She told me: 'Who wouldn't want to come and see three such great singers?"

"I also love working with Anastacia. She is an amazing lady who successfully fought breast cancer. She's a very strong person - as is Heather who is a single mum. I have great admiration for both."

"Heather is very opinionated - and quite rightly so - because she talks so much sense."

"When Anastacia and I met her for the first time we were chattering away in our high-pitched squeals while Heather spoke in this deep, sexy purr!"

"Now she's been hanging out with us, her voice is getting higher!"

"The idea of getting all dressed up and putting on a show is such fun."

"Every girl in the audience is shouting , 'Where did you get those shoes?' While the guys are staring at Anastacia's cleavage."

"What's not to like?" 

Lulu - who turns 62 in November - claims Here Come The Girls helps keep her in shape.

She added: "I train three times a week but not when I'm on tour. I'd lose too much weight if I trained and toured."

"Heather is in the gym five days a week. She's got a tiny little frame with this fabulous bosom and butt. She has an unbelievable body."

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