Lucy Noble Support Act For The 2009 Tour

Lucy Noble.jpg

Flutist "Lucy Noble" and her band will be the support act for Heather Small's 2009 Tour.

About Lucy Noble:
"Lucy Noble studied at the Royal College of Music which she found poles apart from her life before… of six children, from gypsy heritage and a farmers daughter she was used to the kind of music that you perform round the camp fire in the middle of the woods looking up to a clear sky full of stars! Her family played many organic & eclectic styles of music using anything that could make a noise. So the classical, somewhat more traditional and reserved atmosphere of a conservatoire was very, very different to what she was used to!

But, of course, the Royal College of Music is one of the best places to study in the world and it gave Lucy a great solid schooling on which to base all the other styles of music.

After those strong classical studies Lucy strayed away to try some other genres playing with many a rock band in festivals, on TV and Radio, being compared to Jethro Tull – (although she doesn’t do the leg thing!) as well as Led Zeppelin for the 70s vibe the flute gives…. and this is where she really learnt what it was all about. She took part in events such as London Fashion Week and modelled in a Mark Knopfler pop video among other things….

Lucy has performed all around the country to include the Royal Festival Hall, Barbican, Royal Albert Hall, Ronnie Scotts and many others. She has more recently performed alongside other popular classical artists to include Hayley Westenra and Blake.

One moment Lucy particularly remembers is when she won a flute playing competition which gave her the fantastic opportunity to play with James Galway and have a go on his diamond laced golden flute…….

Lucy shows that the flute really is completely versatile and it’s not just about conservatoires and Mozart Concertos (although she does still play some)."