Initiative To Help City Employers Support Staff Suffering Domestic Abuse

City of London Police has launched an initiative to help City employers identify and support staff suffering domestic abuse.

A toolkit, which will be distributed to employers in the City, aims to help them identify those who may be subject to domestic abuse and then offer guidance and support.

The launch was attended and advocated by Baroness Scotland and Heather Small of M People. It was timed to coincide with ‘Peace Day’, a 24 hour global truce on violence run by charity Peace One Day.

Detective Inspector Steve Jackson, who heads up the force’s Public Protection Unit, said: “We know that domestic abuse victims often manage to hold down a job in spite of what they’re suffering at home. This toolkit is designed to help employers identify members of their staff who are being abused and offer them support.

“Peace Day provided us with the right opportunity to launch the toolkit, so I’m confident we’ll reach all City employers and hopeful we’ll eventually get to those beyond the Square Mile.”

Once distributed throughout the City, DI Jackson will be working with forces nationally to ensure that it is distributed further afield.

City organisations who would like a toolkit should contact DI Jackson on 020 7601 2940/43 or at