Heather's Gigs & Tours Interview

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After selling several million records, winning two Brit Awards and the Mercury Music Prize, M People singer Heather Small has answered our questions prior to her special one off show at Warrington Parr Hall later this month.

G&T - So Heather, you just signed up for Strictly Come Dancing, how is training going and are you enjoying working with your partner Brian Fortuna?
HS - Training is going well. It’s quite difficult, but I’m enjoying it very much. Brian Fortuna my partner is fantastic. A great dancer and teacher, and we have fun.

G&T - What made you decide to appear on the show?
HS - I decided to appear on the show because I thought it would be fun. I have had no formal dance training before but I love to dance, and from the little that I have done so far with Brian Fortuna my dance partner, I know I will continue to dance.

G&T - What dance would you most like to do or has been you’re favourite so far?
HS - I like to dance salsa because of the latin rhythm and its energy, but I also like quick step even though it’s very different. There is an elegance to it that I enjoy.

G&T - Are any of the stars shining through with their foxtrots and sambas?
HS - I’ve not seen anybody foxtrot or samba so I can’t answer that question! We had one group dance when all I could do was concentrate on my own two feet.

G&T - It has been a momentous summer for you with Gay Pride and more recently you were heavily involved with handover for London 2012 Olympics, how does it feel for ‘Proud’ to be an anthem for the games? 
HS - I feel honoured that proud has been the anthem for the 2012 games and it’s been fantastic to watch team GB do so well. It’s energized the whole campaign.

G&T - What are your hopes for Team GB after this year’s success?
HS - My hopes for t
Team GB is that they build on their success in Beijing and that they get the funding and support that is required for it to translate into even more medals in 2012.

G&T - If you where an Olympic Athlete what sport would you most like to compete in?
HS - If I was an olympic athlete I would want to do the 100m sprint because they’re strong, they’re fast, and they look good!

G&T - Now, you’re tour is inspired by greatest influences and inspirations from the world of jazz, what jazz artists have been inspired you?
HS - The jazz artists that have inspired me are Ella Fitzgerald of course because of the purity and technical ability of her voice, and Louis Armstrong because he single-handedly defined a style with such aplomb. He is still the standard bearer. I think the genre has influenced my standards as opposed to being a direct influence in my own music.

G&T - On the tour can we expect to hear some M People Hits and new solo material?
HS - I have no new material, and am still deliberating as to what will be in the set so we’ll have to see what happens!

G&T - M People, do you think you will be on the road with the band again or producing new material?
HS - We’ll always do one-off shows, but I’m not sure that there will be any new material.

Heather Small is set to play a special at Warrington Parr Hall on October 21st.