Heather Wanted To Give Judges A Mouthful!

From yesterday's Mail Online: 

I wanted to give judges a mouthful, says Strictly's Heather - By Polly Dunbar 19th October 2008
Strictly Come Dancing contestant Heather Small has admitted she had to be restrained from launching a verbal attack on the judges after they savaged her performance last week.

The M People singer, 43, who describes herself as ‘feisty’, said she was longing to hit back at the panel after her quickstep was described as ‘like champagne which has gone flat’.

But she credits her dancing partner, Brian Fortuna – who has previously appeared on Dancing With The Stars, the American version of the show – with helping her keep her cool.

‘You expect to be critiqued and you expect to be in the bottom two at some stage – but what I didn’t expect was the harshness of the judges last week,’ she said.

‘When you’re standing there in front of them and you’ve been rehearsing all week for four hours a day, you think, “I’ve come out here and danced for you – that alone deserves a ten at least.”

‘Then they come out with all guns blazing and at that moment, you wish you could hit back and tell them how you feel. Brian has to hold me back.’

Last night heather took the judge's reaction gracefully.

The singer, famous for hits including Moving On Up and Proud, said she gets so nervous before her performances that her legs shake.
‘I’m definitely one of the worst for nerves – my legs start twitching the day before the show and don’t stop until after it’s over,’ she said. ‘The only other contestant who can give me a run for my money when it comes to nerves is Jodie Kidd. She says to me, “How are you feeling this week?” and we compare notes.

‘I have to work hard to control my nerves as I suffer from asthma, so getting too worked up isn’t good for me.’ 

But Heather – who survived last week’s dance-off against Jessie Wallace and performed the samba on last night’s show – added: ‘I entered this competition purely to have fun. I’m loving it.’