Heather Small Confirmed For HCTG Tour!

Heather Small will be joining Anastacia and Lulu in November for the 'Here Comes The Girls' 2010 tour!

On Anastacia's official website she posted a blog with the following comment about the forthcoming tour:

"I will be heading back to the UK to do some promo in September for Here Come The Girls!!! Yesssss, it is indeed true, the Diva's are heading back to do another round of UK dates!!!! Lulu and I are so blessed to have a new sista to work with, Heather Small who is amazing!!!!! We will surely have a great show with us three ladies!!!"

Earlier last week Lulu also posted the following tweet on Twitter:

"Heather Small (M People) walked round to my house for a cuppa green tea. She only lives up the road :)"

Tickets are set to go on sale next month!

Anastacia's official website: http://www.anastacia.com

Lulu's Twitter: http://twitter.com/lulushouts