Heather: Just Let Me Shake My Butt!

From The Sun Newspaper:

Heather: Just let me shake my butt - By Emma Cox
Strictly star Heather Small is desperate to return to raunchy Latin dancing — because it suits her curvy body. 

The M People singer, 43 — who has been in the bottom two for two weeks running — is doing the Viennese Waltz tonight. 

But she reckons ballroom doesn’t suit her sexy figure — and hopes to stay in the BBC1 show long enough to have a go at some more Latin moves. 

She told TV Biz: “I like dances where I can move my Afro-Caribbean butt. I like to wiggle it about a bit and I’ve got the figure for that!" 

“The ballroom is harder for me as I’m not really girlie and I’m used to shaking it all out." 

“I can’t really get used to the ballroom idea of keeping your upper body perfectly still while you move around the floor. I like to move my whole body, like I did in the samba."

“I want to stay in for another two weeks when we do the cha cha cha — I think that would be more my style. I can get down and dirty for that one!” 

Last week Heather — whose band had a string of hits in the 1990s such as Search For The Hero — and dance partner Brian Fortuna ended up in the dance-off with Don Warrington. 

They were saved by judges Arlene Phillips, Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood. 

The week before, they were in the dance-off with Jessie Wallace and were saved by the same three judges. 

But each time, Len Goodman said he would have voted the other way — and seen Heather go home. She said: “I really have to try and get on Len’s good side this week and convince him I can dance."

“If he had his way, I’d have been booted out a long time ago!" 

“I don’t know what I can do to convince him but he’s obviously not my biggest fan. "

“I have to practically hold Brian back, he gets very angry and defensive of me when I’m getting bad comments."

“I’ll admit the judges can be a bit harsh and sometimes I’m tempted to say something back, because I am feisty."

“But if there’s a chance you’re going to be in the dance-off it’s important to listen to their advice so you can come back and dance better." 

“Plus if I get stroppy with them they might hold it against me and vote me out, so it’s not worth the risk! I’ll just keep a dignified silence instead.” 

Heather has upped her training regime from three hours a day to five. She says practising her moves has enhanced her physique, saying: “I’ve always been physically fit but the dancing has made me very toned."

“I’m always going to have my Afro-Caribbean backside and don’t mind if my backside comes in half an hour later than myself — as long as it comes in high and makes a statement.” 

Heather also revealed the show had revitalised her sex life. She said: “I’ve always had pep in my step — but now I’ve got even more pep."

“The dancing makes you very aware of your body. I’m with my partner of nine years, a lawyer named Dave, and he’s happy about the effects it’s having.”

She also said 11-year-old son James — who she had with former Wigan and England rugby league star Shaun Edwards — is cheering her on. 

Heather said: “My son loves the show. Every time I come in he asks me how I did that day on a scale of one to ten as he’s more competitive than I am.” 

But if she does get the boot from Strictly this week, Heather says she has no regrets. 

She said: “I’ve had the most amazing time, and have loved every single dance."

“Most of all, I’ve loved the dressing up. Every time I go to the studio, I don’t know what they’re going to do to me next.” 

And although Austin Healy and Tom Chambers are currently the favourites with the bookies, Heather would prefer to see someone else win. 

She said: “Austin and Tom are great, obviously, but I would like a woman to win."

“I think Cherie Lunghi’s got a great chance. There’s a long time to go still though — and Lisa Snowdon is really improving fast. She’s one to watch.”