Heather Is Told To Funk It Up!

Saturday 20th September sees the start of the competition. The boys will be dancing on the first show and the girls therefore will be dancing as a group. Read this article to find out how they are getting on!

From the BBC Strictly site:

With no competitive dancing for the girls in Saturday's programme they've been given a group Cha Cha to do.

This was the first time all of our female competitors have danced together and for the girls it was a chance to see how they measured up to their competitors and for their partners a chance to have bit of fun with everyone else's partners.

The session started off light-heartedly with Gillian and Anton laughing and joking as they tired to perfect the steps "we haven't done heads yet, we haven't done feet yet either." "We've done lots of sitting and drinking latte" responded Anton finishing her sentence.

Vincent and Rachel, and Christine and Matt both appeared to pick up the routine quite quickly. Everything was going swimmingly until Brendan accidentally hit Lisa in the face. They continued to participate afterwards but it was obvious from Brendan's cries of "Stop panicking" that Lisa's confidence had taken a knock.

Elsewhere Cherie enjoyed herself but found it hard going, and partner James was a bit unsure of himself exclaiming "It's so foreign to me because it's so camp". Heather also found the routine tough and after a cry of "give it some funk girl" from the choreographer sarcastically responded "I tell you what my funk has left the building"

Jessie was pleased to pick up her steps quicker than she thought she would but was bothered that everyone else seemed to be doing better than her, despite Darren's best efforts to reassure her that wasn't the case. Ian and Jodie didn't fare much better leading Ian to describe their contribution as "Car crash television" and Jodie to exclaim "is it normally this complicated or am I just stupid".