Heather In 3rd Dance-Off - Saved Again!

Heather and Brian faced the dance-off again for the thrid time. From the BBC Strictly site:

The nail-biting moment was here for the ten pairs of dancers as they discovered their fate in week seven of Strictly Come Dancing 2008 - the mid-point of the series. 

But before the moment of truth, the audience was treated to a performance by Kelly Jones from Stereophonics, singing Handbags and Gladrags - accompanied by our professional dancers Brendan & Hayley and Darren & Lilia. There were also some other spectacular demonstration dances by our professionals. Darren, Lilia, Matthew, Karen, Ian, Flavia, Camilla and Kristina all performed in a retro Jive mix, to the tune Proud Mary. And then Anton & Flavia performed a combination Quickstep/American Smooth to the all-time classic Let's Face the Music and Dance. 

With the professional dances over, it was results time - and with the votes of the public combined with the judges' points, the two couples with the lowest scores facing a dance-off were Heather & Brian, and Andrew & Ola. After performing their dances again, it was time for the judges to make the final decision - and with Heather impressing them with an improved routine, Andrew became the next celebrity to leave Strictly Come Dancing. 

So Andrew & Ola had their final dance, to The Way We Were, made famous originally by Barbra Streisand. 

Heather and Brian will be on It Takes Two on Tuesday at 18:30 on BBC 2.