Girl's Group Dance - Round 3 - Update

BBC Strictly Update:

The girls are in high spirits as they practise together for this week's group performance. The mood is very upbeat and jovial - probably helped by the fact that both the ladies and their pro partners are learning something new, which provokes gales of laughter as everyone goes wrong and tries to help each other out.

As soon as Richard starts to go through the style of dance required for their group number, Lisa becomes very excited, exclaiming that it's all "brilliant fun" and "fabulous", while Rachel manages to pick up the Lindy Hop faster than partner Vincent. The affectionate twosome race round the room as Vincent gives Rachel a piggy back, and then the flirty Italian turns his attention to Cherie, who is wiggling her bottom nearby. The actress has been dancing with a succession of male partners in a studious manner, but then James turns up and her mood becomes more light-hearted.

Jodie finds the routine a challenge but it soon sinks in. She also mentions her height a couple of times - the model thinks her long legs will hinder her in this particular style of dance, and says, "I've a feeling this isn't going to be very natural for me!" She laughs when she bumps into Heather. There are more protestations of "I can't do it" from the giggling 'Queen of the Salsa' too, which are dismissed by her partner Brian as he jokingly retorts that she says that every week.

Jessie is jolly despite being at the bottom of the leader board after the judges vote last week, and repeatedly shouts "I love it!" as she dances along to the music. She is doing well but also enlists the help of Matt and Christine to help her learn some steps. They are their usual upbeat selves, and despite Christine struggling with a few of the tricky steps, she spends most of her time giggling her way through and laughing with Matt when they go wrong.