Get Tickets For Dancing On Wheels!

Heather Small is taking part in another dancing TV show called 'Dancing On Wheels'. Filming is underway and tickets are available to go and watch some of the shows being recorded. The show is now set to air on BBC Three in January 2010.

The performance dates are:

Show 3 - Friday 10th July - this Friday!
Show 4 - Friday 17th July
Show 5 - Friday 24th July

The exact times are still to be confirmed but the audience will be called for approximately 12pm.

If you would like to go and be part of the studio audience on any of these dates, then please contact Deborah Lasky, Production Secretary for Fever Media, either by email, or Tel: 0207 428 4643.

'Would you like to see Dancing On Wheels live and be in the studio audience? Dancing on Wheels is currently being filmed by Fever Media at Elstree Studios, Borehamwood in Hertfordshire.

The show looks like it's going to be brilliant, Brian Fortuna is both lead choreographer and producer of the show, which pairs wheelchair users with able bodied celebrities, neither of which have ever done any wheelchair ballroom dancing before!

Sandra Fortuna, Brian's mom, qualified teacher of wheelchair ballroom dancing and creator of the first structured method for teaching ballroom dancing to wheelchair users. She first developed the syllabus in her New Jersey studio four years ago when a young couple, desperate to go through with their first wedding dance after a motorbike crash had left the groom in a wheelchair, approached her for help. Brian said "It was something that really touched my life and opened my eyes."

Sandra has been coaching and choreographing some of the wheelchair dancers on the show and she says "The entire project is amazing and the dancers are impressive. It isn't necessarily the dancing, even though that is very good, but the spirit, comaraderie, hope and excitement that is rejuvenating and inspiring.'