Bruno Hopes Heather Is A Mini Diva!

As the 'Behind The Scenes' show airs tonight on BBC 1 18:30 The Mirror reports on Bruno Tonioli's thoughts about the contestants:

Strictly Come Dancing Exclusive: this year's stars rated by judge Bruno Tonioli
By Sara Wallis 13/09/2008
Strictly Come Dancing
Strictly Come Dancing, 6.30pm, BBC1 

He's the camp bitch of the ballroom, the fiery Latino motormouth unafraid to speak his mind.

Strictly Come Dancing is back - and Bruno Tonioli has been flexing his throat muscles and polishing his quips for series six.

Sixteen couples have been training for next Saturday's first live show but tonight viewers get a sneak peek of the stories behind the scenes so far.

And judge Bruno can't wait to get his claws into this year's crop of celebrity movers. He told the Mirror: "It's always a surprise as some people are brilliantly bad and some are brilliantly good.

"But it's the best line-up to date, the girls are amazing. If there's a man left in Britain who doesn't watch this show, either they are barmy or they need some Viagra!

"Because gay, straight, transsexual, whatever, the girls have got something for you.. The boys have to start getting their acts together - the girls are the ones to watch."

Bruno's still his no-nonsense self. He said: "If people engage me they'll get praise, if they bore me they'll get a hammering."

As usual, he will be alongside Len Goodman, Arlene Phillips and Craig Revel Horwood.

During the series, Bruno will fly back and forth to America with Len for the US version, Dancing with the Stars.

Bruno warned: "Len and I are going to be extremely tired and a bit grouchy."

Here he casts his eye over the stars and tells us who might be a cha-cha champ and who'll be a foxtrot flop...

Andrew Castle 44, GMTV presenter
GMTV's last resort after the Kate Garraway disaster! I think they are hoping to finally show that someone from the other side can do something decent. He has got a lot to live down to. It will be hard for him to do worse.

Tom Chambers 31, actor
The heart-throb - a handsome guy and I want him to do well. He's young and fit so he has to deliver the goods or the judges will hammer him. He'll get the ladies' vote, unless his performance stinks.

Gary Rhodes 48, chef
Very precise as a chef. If he applies that attention to detail to his dancing he could be very good. You could grate cheese on his hair! Len will hate it because he's very particular. That spiky hairstyle will need to be slicked back!
Heather Small, 43, singer
A mini diva. I hope she lives up to my expectations and is feisty with the judges. I like a bit of argybargy so I'm looking forward to any comeback I get.

Phil Daniels 49, actor
He'll be good because he is such an energetic actor - I'm expecting great things from him and Flavia and interesting routines. He's a strong performer with a strong presence. He's got East End edge.

Austin Healey 34, rugby star
I expect him to do well. Sportsmen seem to shine as they have the mental attitude to absorb instructions and improve. He knows if he's mouthy to the judges he'll get something back! Should be entertaining.

John Sergeant 64, journalist
Smart, the brains of the competition. He'll dissect our comments. But I can cope! It is harder if you're older as it's a demanding show. He could always stand still and let Kristina walk around him!

Mark Foster 38, swimmer
Mark is like Superman. He's massive with huge feet so I don't how he will do the intricate dance moves! If he gets his feet in a muddle, oh dear. He might be very good in the water, but air is different - I might keep a bucket of water under my desk just in case. But if he's in trouble all he has to do is turn up in his Speedos and he'll get votes.

Don Warrington 55, actor
Don is a serious actor of great repute. He's not a spring chicken so my advice would be: "Go for the character, play the part." He'll have to put a lot of work in to keep up with Lilia. He should play tactically.

Rachel Stevens 30, singer
Very pretty girl and used to do dance routines as a pop star. Should have the right mental attitude. Her and Vincent will be an explosive couple, but no hanky-panky Vincent, she's engaged! Keep your hands off.

Jessie Wallace 36, actress
Oooh mouthy! She's definitely a bit of a goer. Because she's got such a big personality I think she'll be good at the Latin dancing. She's a hot Essex girl and will be really flamboyant.

Lisa Snowdon 36, model
Has a great personality and is paired with Brendan so that will be a hot couple. But Brendan is loved-up from what I hear, so nothing will happen there. Anyway she'll be too tired, with her radio breakfast show and all the dancing, so anything else will be a bit too much.

Christine Bleakley, 28, TV presenter
Could be a dark horse. She's used to sitting on a sofa chatting. She could be a useless lump - Kate Garraway syndrome - or she could be like Natasha Kaplinsky and surprise everyone!

Cherie Lunghi 56, actress
An English rose - she's gorgeous with a beautiful posture. I expect her to do really well with the ballroom dancing. Actresses can get into the character, she'll know what part to play. I think she will be engaging to watch.

Jodie Kidd 29, model
She's not just a pretty face... she races cars! She looks a million dollars and look at those legs! If she uses them properly she'll score points, I'll tell you that.

Gillian Taylforth 53, actress
A feisty lady, but in a good way! She's a very sexy lady with a nononsense attitude. I'm looking forward to the banter with the judges - go for it Gillian, give it to me! She'll clash with Arlene, I'd love to see that.