Jools Holland M People SpECIAL | 1998

In a special 'Later With Jools Holland' show, recorded live in front of an invited TV audience, M People showed off a string of their greatest hits. Helped out by Jools himself, as well as a Gospel Choir and mini-orchestra, the group showed why they became one of the UK's premier live Acts. Recorded in 1998 and taken from the DVD 'One Night In Heaven'.



  1)  Angel St

  2)  One Night In Heaven

  3)  Just For You

  4)  Walk Away

  5)  Someday

  6)  Open Your Heart

  7)  Colour My Life

  8)  Last Night 10,000

  9)  Baby Don't Change Your Mind

10)  Sight For Sore Eyes

11)  Search For The Hero

12)  Fantasy Island

13)  Don't Look Any Further

14)  Moving On Up